Pioneer Mission Project

Update: August 2019

It's been almost a year since Revd Elaine started her role as Pioneer Minister, and she has already seen God at work in so many different ways! 


Pioneer Ministry is about going out to where people are rather than waiting for them to come to Church. Elaine sees her role as simply walking alongside people in faith: "I share Jesus, because he made a difference in my life, and he can make a difference in theirs."

In a normal week, Revd Elaine bumps into all sorts of people, including groups in the Community Hub, students in Bodmin College and the local primary schools, and families interested in weddings or baptisms. Walking the streets of the Kinsman Estate, she notices how God puts people in her path, and a chance encounter can become a special moment. 

"I was walking past someone's front garden, and she was putting together a memorial for her dog who had died", Revd Elaine recalls. "I had the opportunity to come in and pray with her, to mark it and remember him together. It's not about what I can do by being there, but seeing what God can do." 

This year has been an exciting one, and it's only the beginning. Pioneer Ministry in Bodmin so far has seen people building friendships, joining in, and serving their community generously – and we hope for more of the same in the months ahead! 


With a busy diary full of activities, Revd Elaine keeps her eyes on what's really important: "My only desire is that people would come to know God. I've seen it again and again: the difference that knowing Jesus makes is phenomenal. He wants people to know him, so that's what I want too."   



Launch: September 2018

The Pioneer Mission Project aims to deepen people's experience of Christian faith, particularly amongst those at the margins of the town. 

Revd Elaine Munday is our Pioneer Minister. She works in each of the schools of the town and surrounding villages to build understanding of the Christian faith amongst our children. She spends time with families ahead of baptism to deepend their understanding of what this important step means. And she is particularly committed to nurture faith in the Kinsman Estate where she lives. 

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