• Revd Paul Holley

£32,000 raised by St. Hydroc's Singers

Over the past 11 years, the St. Hydroc's singers have met weekly during the Spring, Summer and Autumn to sing to the many thousands who have visited the church. With its close proximity to Lanhydrock House, the flow of visitors is measured in the tens of thousands, which is a unique opportunity. The singers have met this challenge both to raise money for charity ans to offer pastoral support to those who come to listen.

The words of the hymns and the beauty of the music often have a significant impact on those who might not otherwise come to church. So many quiet, supportive conversations have taken place over the years. It maybe that someone was grieving a lost loved one, or was reminded of a significant event in their lives. The songs convey the love of God. This so often touched people deeply.

As well as this, the generosity of visitors has been overwhelming. Over this 11 year period, the amount raised for charities was £19,086. Cornwall's adult and children's Hospices, Bodmin Hospital and Shelter Box received significant portions of that amount. In addition, Dementia UK, Cornwall Air Ambulance and the Grenfell Tower fund received support, alongside others.

Given the demands of this Grade 1 listed building, donations were also made for repair and maintenance: £13,444. Thus a total £32,530 was accrued overall. A magnificent achievement!

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