• Barbara Brittain

First Crochet & Knitting Friendship Group

It was lovely to meet people and learn new skills.

Determined Diana – increased her skill level from crocheting lines and squares to following a complex pattern and producing a leaf.

Learned Lin – was able to adapt a pattern of a small beanie hat to make it the right size for a larger baby.

Joyful Joan – took on the challenge of following a pattern to make a knitted dragon.

Expert Aline – got on with her current project.

Clever Kate – used YouTube to teach herself how to crochet a v neck jumper.

Skilled Stella – topped our expertise as no one could help her with her cable outfit.

Energetic Eve – enthused about the craft afternoon when she popped in to say she is keen to come from next week.

Quick Claire – learnt some crochet skills, taught by Kimberley, and created a friendship band.

Multi-task Mike – continued knitting acorns for the Bodmin Way.

Brilliant Brenda – supported others, crocheted angels and shared lot of resources with the group.

Join in Julia – learned some crochet skills from Brenda.

We know others are planning to come to future afternoons and it will be good to meet them. Do join us.

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