• Revd Paul Holley

New Pioneer Minister commissioned

This is perhaps the most ambitious project by the team to date. Team vicar, Elaine Munday, is now working full time as our pioneer minister. For the past few years she worked at Bodmin College. Her ministry was voluntary. But increasingly she felt a call to work amongst those who live alongside her on Bodmin's estates. She was commissioned at St. Petroc's Church on Sunday 23rd September to the acclaim of all those gathered.

Elaine will pursue 3 areas of responsibility. First and foremost, she will work alongside folk on the Kinsman Estate to build a stronger sense of community and faith. She has already linked with others and is seeing early fruits of success. Elaine will also be expanding her existing role amongst schools. In partnership with our Open the Book teams, she will be leading assemblies, making class visits and organising trips to our churches. Thirdly, Elaine is now responsible for welcoming families to baptisms. We want each family who

brings their child to baptism to grow in faith and to enjoy the warmest of welcomes.

There has been a wonderful groundswell of support for this project and for Elaine personally. We look forward to some very encouraging times ahead.

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